CUSTOM 17 or 19 Strand Straight Cinch in Mohair or Alpaca

CUSTOM 17 or 19 Strand Straight Cinch in Mohair or Alpaca

Cinches are available in any design, size, color or twist you would like. Got a pad you would like to match? Please contact us, we would LOVE to help!

Mohair/Alpaca is soft and comfortable for the horse as it wicks away moisture and prevents chaffing. Perfect for hard riding, difficult to fit horses and horses with tender skin. We are happy to assist with measuring and offer advice on which cinch style best suits for your horses' needs. 

Cowlick cinches are made with: 

  • 100% Mohair or Alpaca Cord
  • Stainless Steel Buckles and D Rings
  • Sewn in Nylon centers
  • Attention to Detail
  • Proper Tension

*Discounts offered on Complete sets!*

Contact Cowlick with your design ideas for a price quote. 

If the desired design requires additional time or supplies, the quote will reflect that.

Custom products will be made to your exact specifications and measurements and are nonrefundable. Please measure carefully and contact us for assistance. See MERCHANT POLICIES at the bottom of the page for complete details.

$140.00 Starting Price
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